Genetic Intelligence

Engine for swift target discovery and effective RNA-targeted drug design

A promise was made, first with the discovery of the structure of DNA in 1953 and then again with sequencing of the human genome in 2003, that we had solved the code of life and would now cure health afflictions through precision medicine. But this promise has remained largely unfulfilled.

Genetic Intelligence was founded and is led by people who have been captivated and inspired by this promise all of our lives. This fascination became an obsession as our loved ones suffered from health afflictions that could have been more easily cured or prevented were the genetics better understood.

We are in a privileged position to finally deliver on this age-old promise. We are not just an interdisciplinary team of computational experts, geneticists and chemists. Each of us individually has melded these disparate scientific disciplines to achieve a coherent, creative grasp of the solution space. We are also aided by the unprecedented availability of omics data and scale of computational resources.

We are determined and tireless in our quest to improve human health by (1) deciphering the unexplored 99% of the genome and (2) drugging the RNA transcript using oligonucleotide as well as small molecule modalities. If you would like to take part in this revolution, join us.

Bertrand Adanve, PhD

Founder & CEO
Pedigree: McKinsey, Columbia U

Andy Ng, PhD

Head of Research
Pedigree: A*STAR, Columbia U

David Young

Pedigree: Inteplast, MIT

Larry Senour

Business Development
Pedigree: Merck, Deloitte, Ross

Janet Nokleby

‍Pedigree: Amgen, Covance

Jonathan Lai, PhD

Computational Bio
Pedigree: NYU, Illinois

Andrew Young

Business Development
Pedigree: McKinsey, MIT

Evan Molinelli, PhD

Computational Science
Pedigree: Weill Cornell M, BioDigital

Felix Clark, PhD

Computational Science
Pedigree: Columbia U

Aileen Yeoh

Stem Cells and Tissues
Pedigree: A*STAR
We are further supported by world leading advisers, experts, and contractors including: Prof. Shi Yan Ng, Prof. Charles Cantor, Prof. Bud Mishra, and Prof. Olivier Elemento.